Our Little Exploradora

Snapped these when I found her in the corner of forgotten toys. Weeks ago I stacked up some odds and ends behind the couch and she managed to wedge herself in here between the pirate ship and the monster truck.

I figure this tough little girl is bound for a tomboy future, and entitled to just about anything else she wants, too. But it’s a bigger deal than just being a toddler… 20140804-171825-62305470.jpg20140804-171824-62304599.jpg


Funny thing is, she is surrounded by age appropriate, gender appropriate and otherwise developmentally challenging items, but she seems to go for whatever Davis plays with or what is out of reach. And that’s great news! It means she is expanding her focus, exploring her surroundings and even mimicking him and acting out her environment, which shows she has new reasoning skills.

I found her exploring the unattended box of duplo Legos trying to spin the car wheels and stick them to the Lego board. Never really thought she paid attention to these details. Then, I found her in her dark bedroom looking at books, sitting on the rug. After I turned on the light, she decided to reorganize the diaper storage for me. And when she wants something, she just goes for it. She used the piano as a step stool to get out her favorite ball. Um yeah. It happened so fast, but I swear my hand was right behind her back when I snapped this.


Her increased focus also means noticing new things I think. She is into this beautiful light-up globe and site down wanting to hold it and roll it like a ball. They call this “with purpose” in therapy. Lately her progress sneaks up on us like a surprise birthday party. Just this weekend she snatched my phone away to put in her mouth as always, but then after a brief gnawing, she placed it to the side of my head. Bryan and I both just paused, holding our breath, like can it really mean what we think it means? Yes! It can only mean she sees me holding it to my ear all the time. She is showing me she knows what it’s for! Silly, but so important!

So we celebrate and we thank you all who we get to celebrate with now and then, who witness our little baby steps with us and get giddy with us.


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