Why now? It’s Wednesday. Why help? It’s about time.

Wednesday is a tough day. So important it got it’s own nickname. Long before hashtags and meme makers, Wednesday has been tormenting people with it’s ambiguity. Is it more than halfway over or do I still have half the week to go?

And so I have chosen Wednesday to be my day for change. It’s the day where I think my friends may need the most pick me up. So I am going to make my job to give you that in all forms — humor, inspiration, knowledge — whatever form of help you may need. I’m here for ya.

I hope to give you HumpDay Hoorahs, “Worry Free” Wednesdays, or Wisdom Whatevers, anything that might help change your day., maybe even more.

If you know me, you may have picked up on how much I like helping others. It’s been a hard road to accept so much help from others and not have anything to give back. I am slowly putting back together my world and this is one baby step toward making change happen and being ok with it.

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