My Army of Oils

Reese had a rough week after the adenoids surgery. Don’t think we realized how much stress it would be on her system. They sent us home with the post-op instructions (of which there is NONE, really), and said it’s normal to run a low-grade fever. Yeah, except it’s not OK for Reese.

So with my hours of sitting around with her last week, I started to think how I needed to explain all this to Davis if he asked. Sometimes it’s the easiest way to grasp something anyway, so here you go.

We all have army men inside us fighting to keep us healthy. Some of the meds Reese takes are making her weak. If she gets sick or in this case if her body is hurt, her little army men aren’t strong enough to help her feel better because of the medicines.

A fever is an important part of our body getting better. Normally it’s not a big deal. When all the army men fight they get really hot and our brain gets hot (his words), so we take our temp and it says we have a fever. For Reese, if the brain gets hot and the army men are fighting it’s just too much and her brain has seizures because it didn’t know what else to do. We are using the oils to help the Army men be stronger and fight harder.

Good news is despite not expecting all these challenges for adenoids, I was better prepared this time, physically and mentally. I honestly wasn’t expecting seizures with this procedure but I had already been reading to prep for cold and flu season. Several common oils were very helpful!

Meet the army boosters:

Peppermint, frankincense (not pictured), lavender, Thieves, Melrose, and EndoFlex.


My strategy:

Step 1, Keep her cool
I had read up on the fever knowing that is potentially our main enemy. I worked on her with peppermint oil in addition to the usual meds. Turns out you can get a cooling effect to your body from peppermint. So after a couple doses of this on her feet and spine, I could see her feeling more like herself. So important!

Step 2, Get her comfortable.
Poor baby can’t even have ibuprofen (thanks to the rare blood disorder) so not only is that part of the fever problem, it also means any swelling that makes it all hurt so much can’t be treated.

To support her immune system, I used Melrose around her ears because it was the closest area near the adenoids I could get to topically. Rubbed it on with a cotton ball (mixed with coconut oil) all around outside of ears in front and behind. We saw her get more comfortable pretty quickly

I also got serious about internally, knowing I can’t really treat the adenoids directly, so she got a syringe of coconut milk and 3 drops Copaiba once a day as another way to boost the immune system and reduce stress on her body.

Note: I always try everything on me before I give it to Reese. That goes for her RX meds as well. Trust me no oil can taste as bad as a couple of the bitter seizure meds she is taking.

Step 3, Give her system a boost.
She needs extra help fighting back. I started with the most-used option Thieves, on the feet at night. But I also found a recipe to give adrenal glands a boost and I mixed Frankincense and Melrose together rubbed over her lower back. (Adrenals sit above kidneys). I put a hot compress over this to help encourage the oils to permeate the skin more. I even borrowed EndoFlex, which is a special blend for encouraging a healthy endocrine system, including adrenals. And rubbed this into her back as well.

It’s been very comforting to see a difference in her. And of course, between staying on top of her symptoms this time and knowing what was the cause, we seem to have survived with only a handful of episodes. Here’s hoping it’s the last surgery for a while. Her body needs to do so much healing.

What am I talking about!!??
The Why Essential Oils page can answer your questions or put you in touch with me if you want to learn more.

Information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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