Testimony Tuesday: Endoflex for Immune Support

Last week was a little rocky for us. Still not sure what really triggered her seizures, and although we are still suffering through our lovely fall allergies, I think she is clear.

So I ask myself, what happened. I can’t be sure whether she was sick or not, but I can say her immune system was stressed, because she doesn’t have any ability to respond naturally TO stress.

As you can imagine, I have become a bit of a medical research junkie, and I have honed in a few key points that felt most linked to her daily health.

1. Vitamins – she’s Vitamin D deficient thanks to steroids, and in general she’s not a fan of fresh fruits. (It’s a texture thing I think.) So, we are committed to our almost daily probiotics. (Note: in our rush to get her that much-needed jolt of milk, we sometimes forget to load her up. Pretty sure she only got these 3 days last week. But I figure every little bit helps.)

2. Endoflex essential oil blend. After I dug into her diagnosis from endocrinology, I’ve learned a lot about our adrenal glands. They sit above the kidneys, in case you didn’t know. So, whenever I sense her immune system is stressed I now roll this spearmint gum-smelling blend across her mid-lower back a couple times.

Honestly, that’s all I did last week. And I have to believe if she was coming down with a cold, we kicked it to the curb within 48 hours, OR, if it was fever related, it still meant her body would get weaker and weaker and fighting it without help would have meant disaster. Either way I am a BIG fan of Endoflex.

Note: I did use Peppermint a few times to keep her comfortable and cool… like last time.

Information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

I’m not offering medical advice, just sharing our successes and happy to help answer questions any time.

Drop me a note carrie@okwithchange.com or read the Why Essential Oils page.

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