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Wednesday Pep Talk: Kid President Says You Matter

Three minutes of inspiration from the adorable, intelligent and very entertaining Kid President. Whenever I need a pick me up I google this kid and I always am reminded how I need to get out there and do more. Thought maybe a few others could use the same kick in the pants that I did this week. Oh, and you’ll laugh, too. Below the video are my personal take-aways and a few side notes. Continue reading Wednesday Pep Talk: Kid President Says You Matter

Wednesday: Pic Me Up

via Instagram

Just got to #regram this sweetie from @mammachia ! Happy #humpday #okwithchange #pickmeup

Hump Day: Pandas Playing

I think just about everyone can take 2 minutes and feel yourself relax, let your world dissolve, while you watch these toddler pandas play. Enjoy.

Wise-crack Wednesday: Read on for a good laugh

I have not watched Breaking Bad. I know enough though. I know the premise and some of the characters. After this week’s Emmy winnings, it’s hard not to want to see it, I admit. But I can still appreciate the humor of this post by an amazingly powerful writer and down-to-earth mom.

It’s possible some will be offended by this. But if you’re my friend, you’ve no doubt heard me drop a cuss word like I was part of an HBO special. It’s normally when I’m mad or passionately inspired to change something. Or maybe just cranky.

So cheers to a great history in mommy-dom.

Why now? It’s Wednesday. Why help? It’s about time.

Wednesday is a tough day. So important it got it’s own nickname. Long before hashtags and meme makers, Wednesday has been tormenting people with it’s ambiguity. Is it more than halfway over or do I still have half the week to go?

And so I have chosen Wednesday to be my day for change. It’s the day where I think my friends may need the most pick me up. So I am going to make my job to give you that in all forms — humor, inspiration, knowledge — whatever form of help you may need. I’m here for ya. Continue reading Why now? It’s Wednesday. Why help? It’s about time.