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A Silly Birthday eCard

via Instagram

There is no acknowledging my mother’s bday, and definitely no pictures, so this is all I can do to mark the celebration of her wonderful existence. 🙂 Oh and it doubles as her e-card. #formymom #happybirthday

He Speaks the Truth

Had to share how the conversation went with me and little D at Hobby Lobby today.


Me: I promised Daddy I wouldn’t buy anything.

D: ooooh let’s get this.

Me: yeah that is exactly why we don’t come here. “Ooooh” is a bad thing.

D: why mommy?

Me: because that’s what you say when you like something… And we can’t buy it!

Not 3 minutes later I stop at this wall decor item that totally belongs over my soon-to-be empty mantle and I hear “ooooo” come out of my mouth. I’m laughing at myself and the fact that there is surely someone around who has overheard this whole conversation. And then little man pops up in my aisle, grabs my arms,

“Mom! You’re getting distracted!”Can’t really beat that. So we bought our measly roll of magnet tape (another story about that here) and left.

Why now? It’s Wednesday. Why help? It’s about time.

Wednesday is a tough day. So important it got it’s own nickname. Long before hashtags and meme makers, Wednesday has been tormenting people with it’s ambiguity. Is it more than halfway over or do I still have half the week to go?

And so I have chosen Wednesday to be my day for change. It’s the day where I think my friends may need the most pick me up. So I am going to make my job to give you that in all forms — humor, inspiration, knowledge — whatever form of help you may need. I’m here for ya. Continue reading Why now? It’s Wednesday. Why help? It’s about time.

Daddy’s car has bows

This tickles me. Hubs has kids so I’m in his car for a #change. The bow is a great reminder of what a wonderful daddy he is. #feelgoodmoment #parenting #teamwork #partnerinlife #ourstory #superdad

Crazy D and Pillow-palooza

#part2 Also like my cat, he managed to take over the whole bed with his pillow snuggles. #yesIHaveaThing4pillows #crazyD #rugratproject #snuggles

The truth hurts

Me: A small java chip frappuccino, please
Davis: Mom, just get me a milk please
Me: We are going home you can get milk there
Davis: Yeah well you can get coffee there, too, Mom!

Touché my son, touché. But we don’t have java chips and whip cream at home is what I said under my breath while I fought back the laughter at his painful truth. And I took my drink sheepishly from the barista at the window and drove home to enjoy it, in peace! But turns out drowning in guilt doesn’t let you be peaceful. Oh well! It was still good!

(Let it be known, my husband who doesn’t drink coffee, chortled proudly at his son’s grasp of reality).