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Took our pigtails on a walk this crisp morn. Getting her hair off her neck really makes her look more grown up. Yikes!

#thosecheeks #okwithchange

Overheard in My House

“When is the Winter Solstice going to start?”

– Davis, the Dinosaur Train-loving first grader

A Silly Birthday eCard

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There is no acknowledging my mother’s bday, and definitely no pictures, so this is all I can do to mark the celebration of her wonderful existence. 🙂 Oh and it doubles as her e-card. #formymom #happybirthday

Luckiest Mom, My Hero

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This amazing helper, my hero, had the whole car packed with groceries, while I changed a diaper in the front seat. Saw a woman chuckling as she drove off. We shared a knowing look that yes, I have a very special boy. #proudmama #parenting #lovethisboy #oldsoul #luckiestmom

Six Years Ago

Feeling sentimental because six years ago (back in June), we held this roly-poly tomato-red little guy in our arms and didn’t know what to call him. This grumpy, pensive little porker with a big appetite. Fast forward six years, and other than that appetite you’ve changed so very much!

Davis the Thinker


This week alone you have demonstrated how mature you are and how much you can appreciate your role as big brother. But this post is all about you and not the rest of us. Continue reading Six Years Ago

Parenting & Playtime

Can’t believe it, but it’s true. We are old and our kids see things in the world that we can’t even open up our minds to understand. They are genius in a way that we just can’t be anymore. So I love that this dad has acknowledged this and is doing something about it. He has a different type of toy company in mind… 

I’ve grabbed my favorite excerpt below. Read the whole article here.

Squelching imagination, on the other hand, is bad for everyone, including grownups. In a recent study, Kudrowitz asked adults to come up with alternative uses for a paper clip. Those who took the test with a playful attitude came up with an average of twice as many ideas as those who approached the test like a work task. “When we’re playing, we’re less inhibited in our thinking, and that’s what leads to discovery,” he says.


Great Game Find

We may have a new family classic here #gameon #nerdfun #puzzles @ravensburger thank you @brilliantskyatx What a great find for my engineers!