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Despite All the Depressing News, The World Is Not Getting Worse, It’s Getting Much, Much Better

I prefer to try and find the positive where possible. Thought this was a nice attempt to look at our world from a macro level.

Higher Learning

Today, I woke up and skimmed the world news headlines. 80% of the stories were about the Israeli-Palestinian crisis or the Malaysian aircraft shot down in Ukraine. The other 20% was mostly news on the Air Algerie flight which disappeared earlier this morning and ISIS’s exile and persecution of the Christians in Mosul.

It was a very depressing experience. But then, I thought to myself: are things really that bad? And I realized, the answer is undoubtedly NO.

What we must realize here is that it’s only in the last 10 years or so that the average person has really had unlimited access to news and information with the emergence of the internet. And it’s only in the last five or so years that social media emerged as a platform to share news.

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It may seem like more bad things are going on, but really we are just more…

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Our Little Exploradora

Snapped these when I found her in the corner of forgotten toys. Weeks ago I stacked up some odds and ends behind the couch and she managed to wedge herself in here between the pirate ship and the monster truck.

I figure this tough little girl is bound for a tomboy future, and entitled to just about anything else she wants, too. But it’s a bigger deal than just being a toddler… Continue reading Our Little Exploradora

My little helper is testing our new diffuser. #ahhhhhh I like how small it is. Plus, it’s the first black one I’ve seen. Love how it looks in my kitchen. #diffusethis #somethingnew #frankencense #lavender

Mmmm milk does a sick little body good. She is up and starting to be herself. Stubbornness and all. #milkdrunk #epilepsywarrior #bottomsup

Back where we started. Sort of. At Dell instead of our home hospital, but this scene feels painfully familiar. We closed our eyes for about 20 min tonight but otherwise I can say I haven’t slept and it’s 5am. We don’t know what is wrong, we just know everything is different with her seizures and we are in the ICU with EEG monitoring hoping to get some answers. #epilepsywarrior #alivingnightmare #needanswers #epilepsysucks