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My Army of Oils

Reese had a rough week after the adenoids surgery. Don’t think we realized how much stress it would be on her system. They sent us home with the post-op instructions (of which there is NONE, really), and said it’s normal to run a low-grade fever. Yeah, except it’s not OK for Reese.

So with my hours of sitting around with her last week, I started to think how I needed to explain all this to Davis if he asked. Sometimes it’s the easiest way to grasp something anyway, so here you go.

We all have army men inside us fighting to keep us healthy. Some of the meds Reese takes are making her weak. If she gets sick or in this case if her body is hurt, her little army men aren’t strong enough to help her feel better because of the medicines.

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First Zyto Scan

Had a cool test done on poor allergy boy. It picked up on his suffering right away, suggested some probiotics & other essential-oil based supplements. #YLoils #makingachange #healthyliving #zytoscan #biometrics

Lavender in da House!

Yay for my new diffuser giving off a steady stream of Lemon+lavender+peppermint for my allergy-prone little man. #yloils #healthyliving