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Strep throat sillies

We will just call this the #outtakes and let it be a reminder why very few kids become serious actors 🙂 We picked up Rx because we can’t afford any more illness in the house. We still will love our oils to encourage immune strength. #mygoofball #strepthroat #silliness #okwithchange via Instagram http://ift.tt/1DXdldx

Lemon oil

Looks like we will be using extra #lemonoil this week. Ask me why. #okwithchange #regram from @oilculture via Instagram http://ift.tt/1oa9wQj

Testimony Tuesday: Endoflex for Immune Support

Last week was a little rocky for us. Still not sure what really triggered her seizures, and although we are still suffering through our lovely fall allergies, I think she is clear.

So I ask myself, what happened. I can’t be sure whether she was sick or not, but I can say her immune system was stressed, because she doesn’t have any ability to respond naturally TO stress.

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Relaxing with My Oils

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1BCOX1x

First time to try out my homemade bath fizzies. Ahhhhhhhh

Super easy to make once you find all the ingredients. I am no Martha Stewart and I will gladly be making more of these for friends.

They also make a great Make and Take class if anyone is looking for a reason to host some friends and learn more about using oils every day.

Feel-good Week

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Wish I could say I created this beautiful graphic. Been a feel-good week of helping others with my stash of oils. Is there something you want help with? Pls don’t be afraid to ask. #lovebeingneeded #letmehelp #okwithchange #essentialoils #babysteps

Put a lot of miles in today.

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But it’s so worth it to get to help other sick rugrats. I really need that feeling of helping others. Even better than helping myself.
#sharingoils #okwithchange #youngliving #epilepsyawareness