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Testimony Tuesday: Endoflex for Immune Support

Last week was a little rocky for us. Still not sure what really triggered her seizures, and although we are still suffering through our lovely fall allergies, I think she is clear.

So I ask myself, what happened. I can’t be sure whether she was sick or not, but I can say her immune system was stressed, because she doesn’t have any ability to respond naturally TO stress.

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Keeping it Clean

Reese started running a fever Wednesday. I freaked out. We can’t have any more fevers! It’s hard enough to get Tylenol in her and harder to monitor the fever because it’s low. Had to convince the urgent care doc that it was worthy of extra attention because I don’t want to be in the ER over the weekend, again.

Luckily he gave us the antibiotics shot again. And then my guilt kicks in. She has no immune system, so we have to do it, for now. But I wish we didn’t.

Plus, we are having her adenoids removed Tuesday. So hopefully this will be that last round for a long time. Just have to hang on a little longer, I think. Then I remember it’s almost cold and flu season.

So, it renews, no it emphasizes my goal to get more consistent with essential oils. So I am making this hand soap AND the matching house cleaner and going to keep us germ free as much as we can. Plus, I’m rubbing Thieves on everyone’s feet every night, ok almost every night. Remember, baby steps.


First Zyto Scan

Had a cool test done on poor allergy boy. It picked up on his suffering right away, suggested some probiotics & other essential-oil based supplements. #YLoils #makingachange #healthyliving #zytoscan #biometrics

Travel Fan Oil Diffuser

I am loving my new travel-sized diffuser!!! Don’t have to worry about the car smelling like dirty diapers, old food or stinky boy!!! #yloils #diffusedaily #purification #healthyliving #mommytips