Fourth of July is Supposed to be Fun

So excited to be on this trip. To get to be out of our house. To let Davis run wild and allow Reese to explore new things. To be spoiled by my parents who are thrilled at sharing all they love with us. To do it up on the Fourth like we did when we were kids. To just be normal.

Plus, I know I am trying not to take it all for granted that only 35 days ago we had the scariest day of our lives. You ask how she is and of course the answer is great. Anything is better than the worst nightmares we’ve had. I have been so optimistic because it’s really the only option in my book. I wouldn’t know how else to live.

And then it’s like you have a few good weeks and you forget the fear. It’s nice to forget but it always hurts more because you feel like an idiot for letting down your guard. You tell yourself “you knew better!” And you sigh. And maybe you cry.

I’m holding on to a sliver of that former full moon of optimism right now, while I hold my sweet exhausted girl.

It’s easier to say it here than to your faces, all your amazing, beautiful faces who love us so. She had a seizure after we got unpacked at my folks and we totally didn’t see it coming. Yes she has an ear infection. But she had been on antibiotics for 48 hrs and normally it’s the first symptom. So we waited and when she seemed to be stable we figured we got past it. I was really thinking this was the sign we needed that surgery may have been the cure. An ear infection with no seizure would have been proof. We still need to give it time. It has to be the answer.

She slept and she went the next 2 days all normal. The pictures are proof of her good mood and feeling so well. But this morning we’ve had another hit and I don’t think we can ignore it now.

So we are going to keep hoping it’s all part of a treatable ear infection. Seems her antibiotics aren’t doing the trick. So we’ve upped the ante and I am adding oils to the treatment because I have to believe it can only help at this point.

Needless to say, we won’t have that easy-going feeling for a while. We are back on guard. And just when I thought good change was coming, we may have to put that on hold if we are back to where we started. No telling just yet. As always your support helps us through every day.

She will let us know when she is better. Right now we are just focused on getting to Monday when we can see the doctors.

She’s On the Move

And now for the real fun! As she gets her walking legs more and more, she has started to outsmart us and it’s such a thrill to see her figure things out. Our gates don’t hold, she is always out the door before we remember to shut it, and no cabinet is safe. We find her in the strangest places — the closet, the laundry room, trying to climb in the toy box… It’s all new territory for this family.

Of course this comes with challenges. Most toddlers exploring like this also know what “No” means and have a grasp on what mommy and daddy don’t like. This girl is still oblivious. That or she has the best damn poker face on the planet. We know it means we have to be extra vigilant about her safety since she doesn’t understand the dangers around her. And of course that’s a big responsibility for Davis, too.

She’s also solving new problems. This is a great thing for Mom, Dad and Davis, who all love a good puzzle. A quick list here for my memory later:
– putting lids/tops on things
– a few new facial expressions, almost playing coy a couple times
– lifting leg to climb up on stuff
– eating from a fork (kind of)
– biting more crunchy foods — had first real rice cake today!!!
– and potentially the biggest in a while…

She is showing signs of understanding stacking! Pictures to come next time I catch her. But she is definitely close to mastering another big fine motor/cognitive development!

And all this despite having a seizure Saturday morning. Just one lonely episode. Looked the same as always, and she slept it off. But after an hour she sat up, looked at me with purpose in her big eyes and then stood up. Couldn’t believe it. Normally she would be so lethargic and wobbly. We’ve been on edge all weekend, but so far so good. Who knows why, but we will take it.

Twenty-two days to surgery and counting.

Reese al Fresco

What a day! Happy Reese is such a good thing for all of us. We’ve been on cloud 9 today, soaking up all this eye contact and love from our little lady. From soccer to lunch to nap and playtime at home, she never sank into a fuss. She even humored mom and dad for a special splurge of dining at Eatzis al fresco. She loves the breeze in her hair apparently, because she couldn’t get enough of looking into the wind and moving around in her high chair. Love this sweet girl, so so much. 






Dad: Why do you think they do that?
Girl: Because the companies who make these try to trick the girls into buying the pink stuff instead of stuff boys want to buy.

that awkward moment when a child understands the harm of forcing gender roles better than most grown male politicians.

Always reblog.

I’m surprised that I haven’t reblogged this, to be honest.

I love that last gif.  She looks so frustrated.  Like “Um, hello, obviously girls and boys can like anything why doesn’t anybody get that???”

She does have a point though..

Kids who are smarter than adults though.


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D and I had a great time at the Grapevine Mother/Son Scientist night. Here, our silly face, and then our best science experiment face. Even laughed at a scientist magician. Got to stay up way past bedtime and couldn’t wind down until he told Daddy everything we did. 🙂 Score one for mom.