Relaxing with My Oils

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First time to try out my homemade bath fizzies. Ahhhhhhhh

Super easy to make once you find all the ingredients. I am no Martha Stewart and I will gladly be making more of these for friends.

They also make a great Make and Take class if anyone is looking for a reason to host some friends and learn more about using oils every day.

A Silly Birthday eCard

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There is no acknowledging my mother’s bday, and definitely no pictures, so this is all I can do to mark the celebration of her wonderful existence. 🙂 Oh and it doubles as her e-card. #formymom #happybirthday

Feel-good Week

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Wish I could say I created this beautiful graphic. Been a feel-good week of helping others with my stash of oils. Is there something you want help with? Pls don’t be afraid to ask. #lovebeingneeded #letmehelp #okwithchange #essentialoils #babysteps

Luckiest Mom, My Hero

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This amazing helper, my hero, had the whole car packed with groceries, while I changed a diaper in the front seat. Saw a woman chuckling as she drove off. We shared a knowing look that yes, I have a very special boy. #proudmama #parenting #lovethisboy #oldsoul #luckiestmom

An “I Believe” Kind of Day

A little on the wrists because I #Believe we are going to have a good dr appt today. No fussing, good conversation & more knowledge #epilepsyawareness #okwithchange #essentialoils

Hide the Veggies

One of my favorite “hidden” meals. Organic chicken sausage with feta & spinach and organic butternut squash ravioli. Both kids love it! #healthyliving #yum #onthetable #sneakymom #hidetheveggies

Daddy’s car has bows

This tickles me. Hubs has kids so I’m in his car for a #change. The bow is a great reminder of what a wonderful daddy he is. #feelgoodmoment #parenting #teamwork #partnerinlife #ourstory #superdad

Helping Others

Made a special blend today for a new friend in need of some hormone help for her very young teenage daughter. Really hoping she feels better soon. I know just what it’s like to have a sick kid and feel completely helpless. I don’t want any parent to feel that way if I can help it! #parenting #dragonmom #naturalhealing #dropsofchange