Personal touch: Team updates

We just got back from Vegas! It was a different kind of experience for our small KeepTrax team from what you might expect though. Instead of big lights and late nights, it was big ideas and well.. ok there were still late nights.


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He Speaks the Truth

Had to share how the conversation went with me and little D at Hobby Lobby today.


Me: I promised Daddy I wouldn’t buy anything.

D: ooooh let’s get this.

Me: yeah that is exactly why we don’t come here. “Ooooh” is a bad thing.

D: why mommy?

Me: because that’s what you say when you like something… And we can’t buy it!

Not 3 minutes later I stop at this wall decor item that totally belongs over my soon-to-be empty mantle and I hear “ooooo” come out of my mouth. I’m laughing at myself and the fact that there is surely someone around who has overheard this whole conversation. And then little man pops up in my aisle, grabs my arms,

“Mom! You’re getting distracted!”Can’t really beat that. So we bought our measly roll of magnet tape (another story about that here) and left.

Mom, how did they discover the “e” on the end is silent?

Davis, my super inquisitive investigator trying to understand how to sound out all our silly words with the silent “e”. 🙂

A tender moment with D

Davis: I can do it! I don’t need your help. (Talking about tying his Gi belt.)

Me: Please let me help you. You are getting so big and you don’t need me anymore for hardly anything. It makes me sad. (Big pouty face for effect)

Davis: Nope. All I need you for is to cook.

(Hmmm you might survive better on your own, kid.)