Bring on the Research! Happy for ALS

I am so happy all this attention for ALS has come from an accidental, viral social media game. It means (for the most part) people are open to learning new things and that we can find the good in people. It’s also an impressive example that good can come out of my beloved digital world. I am equally very excited for everyone who suffers from this disease. This new surge of money will mean research and then answers, and that can mean new ideas and hope. Again, I am SO GLAD for this cause. I don’t want the fun to end! We are just now getting tapped to do ours. (More proof of the lasting effect of the “trickle-down” effect). And of course, I felt the need to explain how we are putting our spin on the challenge. Naturally, our cause is epilepsy and I think that’s ok. (Click photo to watch video)


I don’t want this to seem like I’m jealous or greedy, because I get it, not everyone can give to every charity out there. Not everyone can even make time to do a little something for a few charities. But everyone CAN become more educated on as many issues as possible. A better understanding of how others live in the most challenging situations can be a great way to grow and become a more compassionate, more forgiving, more loving person. You wouldn’t believe what it can do to you when you meet someone who’s trapped in a different world.

I could never imagine how it must feel to live with ALS. I really don’t know how to show my compassion and sorrow for their struggles. But I DO know what it’s like to live with something that no one can understand, that has very little research. Epilepsy is many times referred to as one of the silent suffering illnesses because you can appear totally normal, so no one suspects anything is wrong with you. As opposed to the physically debilitating ones, people don’t stop to help because they don’t know you might need it.

And that’s why I’m so happy for ALS. We all need more compassionate people. So if even 10% of people who have done this chilling challenge are reading up on the disease, then hooray. The next time they see someone in need, hopefully they’ll make eye contact, hold open a door — maybe they can make a change.

Because in both our cases, the need for more research is a painful reality. And I believe research for one cause could mean advances for us all.

Baby Steps Toward Change

The week we finally have a pattern emerging, we are facing the big upset of back to school! I tell ya, never say things should stay just like this, because they can’t. There’s too much around us changing. I’m still committing to make more of the good change happen than let other stuff get us down. And that brings me to another thought about essential oils.

These oils. I can’t fully explain it in the scientific way I would like, but they are making a difference for us. It’s about supporting our bodies and encouraging and stimulating our brains for all over health. (Edited)

We breath them, rub them, squirt them and ( I am ingesting them). It’s a slow process, but Davis is a willing participant and that has helped this mommy stay on track. Reese even seems to want her feet rubbed, which is progress in itself because her hypersensitivity always made her pull away before. I see her working the puzzle or studying the book and I know we have to keep trying to give her every but of support.

That’s why change of any kind is worth it. I’ve decided there are two ways to look at embarking on the oil experience… Start out by being prepared for when things happen and being able to have a first aid kit all made up and then see what happens, OR there is the other camp who first wants to address some kind of existing issue and be preventative and thoughtful up front about where to focus your efforts.

Every one is different so that’s why I throw it out there. Both options may work. For me, I am doing a little of both. I have identified my key recurring issues and we are addressing those with success. But, change happens daily around here so there are plenty of in-the-moment needs like a cut or rash, and I am trying to grab oils first.

I don’t think it’s realistic to say you are going to change your life even in 3 months and convert to all oils. I am all about baby steps. I still embrace the 14-year-old version of dorky me who quoted the classic “What About Bob” whenever possible.

“I can do anything if I take baby steps!”

And this my friends is what OK with change is all about. In between the musings and the family memories, I hope to share how I’m taking these baby steps in the pursuit of accepting all kinds of change.

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Great Game Find

We may have a new family classic here #gameon #nerdfun #puzzles @ravensburger thank you @brilliantskyatx What a great find for my engineers!

Video of our Happy Girl

Happy girl. At least for a couple seconds. Then she started whining to get down. We get 10-12 min in the high chair these days before she is just done.

It was still a nice dinner, she was in a chatty mood. Gave Daddy a few special looks, too. Of course I wasn’t fast enough to catch her sounds.

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