About Me

Who am I? Don’t box me in. I am an extrovert, a free spirit, and probably a little bit of a pain some days, because I never accept “it can’t be done.” More importantly, I’m a mom of two, lover of wine, peanut butter, travel, music, ideas and so much more that I share with my supportive hubby, my partner in crime.

Why change?

For 12 years I’ve been connecting the dots around me, crafting messages, building communities and helping others change. I’ve pushed 8,000 employees to embrace a culture shift to give to others and build each other up in the process, and I’ve encouraged thousands of travel agents to evolve into a digital customer-centric world. I’ve changed brands, web sites, software platforms, last names, glasses, and yeah the big one, goals and a life direction.  As much as I have put my whole professional life into creating change, I have dragged my feet in my personal life and now it’s time to unveil that painful process little by little.

Why a blog?
I’m a writer first – a story teller for my family and for the many groups I’ve helped over the years.  I’m a dot connector,  and fire starter second. I tip-toed into blogging with the family photo album, recording the stories of new parents, and sharing with our loved ones, just because. I never knew this would become my place to be myself. It’s cathartic, it’s fun and it’s hopefully my way of reaching more people to pay it forward and help where I can.

Our family story has evolved in the past two years and now we have a support network all connected to this blog. We are in the fight of our lives to balance the realities of parenting, working, laughing and growing, and giving our epileptic daughter a better quality of life. When I finally accepted that no two days are a like and our world is in a perpetual state of change, I decided it was time to take control and make that our new story.

You are always welcome to introduce yourself and let me know what change you are facing and I will do what I can to connect you or help if I can. It’s what I am meant to do.


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