Exploring how to create kick-ass connections between parents and professionals


I’ve been working to pay it forward for years. We faced a tough road for a while, and so many people helped us. Even though we continue to be on the journey and we learn something new every day, I don’t want to wait to pay it forward.

Thus, the purpose of this podcast. Parents need to hear how to move forward, how to connect with the important people in their child’s life. They need to know their voice not only matters, but is essential to their child’s success.

Professionals working with our kiddos are experts in their trained fields. And we are experts in our children. This goes for healthcare, special education, and all the therapies and care givers and coaches and aides that work with a child dealing with one or more disabilities.

In this intro episode, I’ve shard my vision for a future of inclusion, where all abilities are succeeding thanks to kick-ass connections created between parent advocates. Hear a six-word story as part of my journey of self awareness and working to be the best advocate she can for her children.  Parents and professionals can expect to hear future episodes interview healthcare, education and special services professionals describe relationships that work, and how to build them. We will also be interviewing experts in specific relationship building skills like emotional intelligence, self awareness, and active listening.  If you’re interested in being a guest of the show, or have a suggestion for a topic, please reach out via the Anchor platform, or find her on social media.