Six word story: Move

If you’ve never written a six word story, it is sometimes used as a creative exercise or a kind of small group sharing activity.

As I have spent time with my thoughts more and beaten myself up that I don’t know how to self care… yes ironic, I know… I have realized I DO self care.

Sitting frustrated.

Grateful for time.


A six word story by Carrie Mamantov

I write.

And I went a loooong stretch without giving myself time to put my thoughts down. But when there isn’t much time, a six word story is a good creative exercise. It can also be a nice little cathartic release. More to come from this one.

Maybe a podcast is the Aha! place for those of us who think better by talking out loud. I started with one idea for building up insights for parents, and am finding it’s just as much about me organizing my thoughts and feelings.

Working out the plan for sharing my six word stories with each podcast. It allows me to synthesize a bunch of feelings and then work on giving the backstory as to why I’m feeling them. Some people meditate. Others run. When I write, I get the thoughts out and I can move on.

What is a six word story?

Some might call it an act of creative expression. Others use it for expressing feelings in therapy or self awareness workshops. You can learn more on the concept by reading Narrative, Tell me a story website.