The Wandering Imagination

So here’s a little peek into our conversations with Davis and his imagination.

First, I have to explain that as he is almost 4 he is becoming obsessed with superheroes and at the same time, the bad guys. Plus, being products of the 70s, we have also imparted a little of our Retro geekiness through trendy clothing. This has culminated in a potentially unhealthy interest in Darth Vader and Star Wars-related tshirts. He has 3, 2 are about to go into the hand-me-down pile, and we just bought a new one. Which brings us to the story…

Davis went swimming to cool off after soccer today and then was eating lunch at the table in just his undies because he was about to take a nap. He gets up mid- chew and starts looking for his Star Wars pjs. He doesn’t own pajamas with the icons, yet. So I say you mean your shirt? Yes, he confirms and i said I thought everything was being washed. He would have to sleep in something else.

Next I know, he is sifting through the dryer to which I explain is all of daddy’s clothes. So, naturally, he comes back from my room dragging the rather large, empty hamper to dump out daddy’s clothes. As Bryan and I observe this, Bryan thinks to correct him but I stopped him. Why miss out on some free labor. I was going to have to do this anyway.

So after discovering there are no size 4 shirts in this pile, he comes back to eat some more and ask for his shirt. So, it dawns on me at this point that he is looking for the new one….Bryan confirms,
“Davis do you want the new red one?”
“Yes! With the bad guy on it….”
“His name is Darth Vader,” he says with the reverance of a true fan.
“yeah, Dark Vader. He wears black.”

🙂 we both got a chuckle of this, but there’s more.

Back at the table, he is now telling us all about a fictitious battle between Darth Vader and star wars guys… Mind you he has never seen this movie or anything that would give him the story line. Then he drops a bomb….

“and he has this light sword…”
“how do you know he has a light sabre?!” comes out of both our mouths.

“he fights with it.”

Yes we know we say, and we are both trying to fish out of him how he knows this, to which we get,

“I saw it at the movies.”
“no you did not,” Bryan is shaking his head in disbelief that the child can lie so well.
“yes, I did.”
“who took you to the movies?”
“my daddy.”
So of course, Bryan balks at this…
“No, my OTHER daddy… My old daddy, from a long time ago.” he is completely serious, and I honestly think he believes himself. And at this point we are both cracking up because Bryan first had given me the “who’s his real daddy” look, followed by the signature sarcasm that goes right over the little guy’s head.

Bryan retorts, “yeah it was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.”

Davis is still trying to convince us there was another daddy. And we STILL don’t know how he has seen Darth Vader with a light saber.

But we got a great laugh.