Lovable Davis is at it again

Notes from the past week.

First a laugh:
My phone rang and I was trying to see who was calling. So talking to myself I say “from Indiana? Huh…” Davis says with delight, “the Paleontologist who digs for bones?! Why is he calling YOU?!”

(granted he mixed up archeologist and paleontologist, but in his defense, Bryan did introduce both words at the same time — about 2 months ago!)

Second more profound, amusing comment:
I was telling D about the importance of MLK Day, how he taught us how important it is to treat everyone equal. And I think I said something about him giving great speeches…

So D says very matter of fact, almost disappointed tone, “He hasn’t come talk to us yet.”

And I had to tell him that no he couldn’t but we will never forget what he teaches.

The sweet big brother moment:
We try to be all together for bed time routine so I was changing Reese into pjs on D’s bed, and she rolled over and was falling asleep before I could get them on. D comes in and immediately starts gently running her back in circles, partly because she was falling asleep and that’s what he likes, and partly because he just adores her soft skin.

And if that wasn’t sweet enough on its own…He looks at me and instructs me in a whisper, “Mommy you keep doing this when you take her to bed. Ok?”