The Little Mermaid offers a new lesson, for me

So I am regretting my enthusiasm to share the Little Mermaid with Davis. I was excited to have a new Disney movie to watch, one I love singing to, but oh how I forgot the mature, complicated storyline and how rather violent the Ursula scenes are. Apparently 24 hrs later it is sinking in…

“Mom, How did Ursula die?”
“Why didn’t King Triton just use his magic on Ursula?”
“What is a contract?”
“Why does Ariel want to kiss Prince Eric?”
And it keeps going. <sigh>

Imagine my surprise when I try to explain Ariel promised to work for Ursula ( the whole sell her soul thing didn’t seem right) and now I have to explain why her Daddy wanted to save her from working (now I’m devaluing the importance of working) and he gave his powers to Ursula so Ariel would be saved. You start to see the terrible spiral I was in.

Lesson: If you can’t explain in simple terms like boy meets girl, girl gets lost, etc., maybe it isn’t worth it for a few new songs.

And then I ask myself how are we ever going to get through Star Wars?