Why my son thinks I am a babysitter

Davis: Mommy, do you work really far?
Mommy: You mean far away? No, I am pretty close to the house and to school.
Davis: Then why can’t you come stay at school with me?
Mommy: Oh hunny, I have to be at work. I have people to talk with and I have lots to do. It’s like your teachers — they stay at school all day with you don’t they?
Davis: Yeah, they can’t leave us because they have to protect us and make sure we don’t get in trouble.
Mommy: Yes, exactly, I have to do the same at the office. (I was thinking the staying there part)
Davis: So they don’t get in trouble or lost?
Mommy: Exactly. (Hey, on any given day it’s highly possible this is true.)

(And let it be known my little manipulator expects a half day visit, but this Mommy will be there for the appropriate lunch-time party.)