So proud of my little student. It hadn’t really occurred to me what he was going to learn in Kgarten. Silly I know.

(Allow me to reflect for a min). Back in August his teacher told us about the unique language they begin to write in as they learn how things sound. We saw the example and chuckled but man she was right! When he reads it back to you, he knows exactly what he means because he can sound it out. But the best part is he is loving it! He loves the challenging of picking out new sounds. He is offering to read! Never in my dreams did I think I could be so excited for my child as they learn to read. It’s a huge, huge thrill. Reinforces my love for books even more.

OK, so, here is his first Christmas list that has become his letter to Santa. Allow me to translate.

Dear Santa,
I have been really good can I please have.

I want a Bat Cave
I want a ninja turtle
I want a camera (no it is not chemo)

Don’t worry. We will be working on the “I want” part, but my guess is they were told to start that way. At least I hope that’s how why…