Sometimes Bryan and I just have to stop and marvel at the innovations and the technology that makes this all possible.

For instance, this little bitty circle of tape has a thin opening where they slid the breathing tube through. No more white sticky tape all over the face. Seems to work really well! Even though miss Reesey would prefer it come out.

And of course we are thankful Seimens makes such a nifty CT Scan that you can be in and out in 5 min and have instant images (when you need it).

In my post from over a year ago I wrote about the Sony Ipela wireless cameras sending a constant live feed of Reese up to the EEG control room.

Everything they do to children is in a smaller scale and every little tiny sticky pad to go under the IV or the hand socks that protect her from rubbing her face with her IV — it’s all so thoughtful and amazing.