A crani for another day

I have fought using their terminology, but I find the more I use it here the more they listen.

Found an explanation for her surgery on Web MD and I think it actually does a really good job of keeping it simple. The temporal lobe resection is the craniotomy or “crani” surgery we came in for; the one that can eliminate her seizures. We just have to wait a little longer now to reach that stage.

As the article mentions, we needed more data to pinpoint the source of the problem. We have that answer now, but it’s been a little more of an ordeal to get it than we had planned.

Web MD is a good resource if you have questions. Please read this and I’m always happy to try and answer specific questions. I partly avoid the gory details for some who prefer not to know it all, and partly so I don’t have to admit all that we are putting her through.