A special sibling moment

Davis: “Good job Reese!”
Me: What’s she doing?
Davis: She is holding the toy the way she is supposed to with one hand on the handle.
Me: Oh good, maybe she will start shaking it.
Davis: Look mom! She is spinning it!
Me: (I glance. I AM driving) And she is using her pointer finger, too!
Davis: That’s so great Reesey. I couldn’t do that when I was your age. I am so proud of you.
Had both kids in the car yesterday as we evacuated our un-air conditioned home.
Silly little thing to share but I do this blog for me as much as for you people. 🙂

There are things I don’t want to forget, like this moment, where he was her coach and her cheerleader. And he uses this sweet, encouraging voice to tell
her what a good job she is doing.

Of course I had to crack up at the idea that he knows what he was doing at 2 years old. When in reality his fine motor skills were always so advanced he was probably spinning this thing at 6 months. But I keep it to myself.

I just am blown away some times by how maturely he handles our situation. I know Reese is so much better off having him as her big brother.