Inspiring: One Man Teaches Others How To Change

Wow. One man, Greg Hartle, has refreshed the idea of going in a new direction and has really taken on change. Having the vision to get out there and help so many downtrodden people is inspiring on its own, but it’s really HOW he did it that has me so impressed. Don’t expect me to mow your lawn, ahem, but I have been realizing that this change we have to face also comes in how we do things not just what we do.

I have already relinquished my self-important value of my education and been willing to give away this knowledge I have acquired to help another budding businessperson. There are many who’ve known me from the beginning of my career, and they can confirm that I have always believed my stopping to help someone with their problem will inevitably help me as well. I can list so many new skills I uncovered as I tackled someone else’s problem, so I think another step toward change is thinking about this kind of HELP on an even bigger scale because it will bring knowledge as well.

But first, be sure to read the entire article from Mashable here.