Wednesday Pep Talk: Kid President Says You Matter

Three minutes of inspiration from the adorable, intelligent and very entertaining Kid President. Whenever I need a pick me up I google this kid and I always am reminded how I need to get out there and do more. Thought maybe a few others could use the same kick in the pants that I did this week. Oh, and you’ll laugh, too. Below the video are my personal take-aways and a few side notes.

1. Life’s a school! 

“You can’t sleep in, you have to show up.” Oh how very true this is as a parent! Every day we look at each other and wonder if today is the day we could just call in sick. Nope. Kids are still there. Time to get up! I honestly think this is the one that makes all the difference in my glass-half-full view of the world. It doesn’t matter what kind of hand I’ve been dealt, I have to keep going. Life isn’t stopping for me to have a pity party. I keep going because if I stop I know it will be impossible to start up again.

2. To change the world, you have to know about it. 

Ah yes. My favorite reason for traveling. If you get out there and see new things, then you have a different understanding for who needs help and how. Haven’t been on a plane in a while, though. It hit me that this applies closer to home as well. Every time I get out there, instead of sitting in this chair, I get to meet someone new (or see an old friend again). I will learn from each of these encounters, and it could be one of these connections that takes me down my next path. I like to think there is something I can do to help all kinds. So I have to keep making myself break the routine and get out into a new setting. It’s why we packed it up, braved traffic and made it to support group last week. It’s why I go to Young Living business meetings. I am trying to expand my world, so I need to know more of it.

3. Everybody’s a teacher, and everybody’s a student.

Thank you! What a great thing to use with children. And yet, I can look back on a few times where I probably should have adopted this view in the corporate world. When you’re in one of those tough callous-people moments, maybe the best thing to do is look at it from the reverse perspective. Tackle the opportunity to teach someone how to be the bigger person. We’ve been using this theory with our son. When we don’t like what we hear because he’s repeating from someone else, we challenge him to try and share a new idea back to that friend. It’s empowering to think you have something to teach others. I’m working on it. Not totally sure what I have to teach the world, but I’m sure it’s going to come to me. Another reason for me to keep expanding my circles!

4. Teachers see the AWESOME!

And of course, it’s so important to remember that whoever is the teacher in your life, they are seeing something special in you. Another quick kick and note to self to reach out and make sure a certain first grade teacher is feeling loved. Quickly followed by a couple phone calls to a few key people that I probably lean on more than I should. Teachers really can be everywhere. I think I miss the teaching part of working with others, and it’s because finding that spark in someone was my favorite reward. I think if you aren’t teaching someone, you’re missing out even more than having a teacher.

And that my friends is a lot of thoughts, and hopefully a little pick me up.