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Friday Oil Fact: Purification

Decided to purify the car once a week. This is such a great little travel diffuser. Batteries have lasted really well. I bet I am on 15 hrs of use. #essentialoils #littlechanges #diffusethis #purification #yloils

Learning the Ropes

My leader & friend @blessedhomelife puts on an impressive class for an intro to essential oils. Took lots of notes tonight. She had some really unique products on display & I picked up a few new treatment ideas second time around. #yloils #fancystuff #someday #believeit #oils101

My answer? I’m at 8. This is serious friends. People are experiencing so much good, changes that are helping everyone they know. The stories I read are amazing. #checkthisout #essentialoils #yloils #healthyliving #changeisgood

Aromatherapy Works

Cappuccino and Stress Away. Ready to face the rugrats again. #yloils #changeisgood #coffeelove #stiffneck (at Main Street Bistro and Bakery Grapevine)

Peace of Mind Tonight

Needed a little peace of mind tonight. I started going to bed 3 hours ago, but I have to share from even a little earlier.

Davis was of course thirsting for our attention and we started up with a bedtime book when Reese just wasn’t having it. Reese is still coming off high dose steroids and valums, so we spent a couple hours accommodating her fussiness with little success. Wild man wiggled his hiney in the shower and danced around saying good night for an extra 5 minutes. Poor guy got skipped on a book because I got distracted with her and was sent to bed at 8 (his actual bed time, not the summertime flexible schedule bed time).

But he begged for a book and I know it’s hard to sleep when you can hear us down the hall not just talking, but talking about Reese and talking TO Reese, your baby sister who is still awake and you’re supposed to be in bed. I finally caved on his third attempt to lure me in, like a black widow hiding in the corner, I’ve decided. He puts a little bait out to get you closer. Mom, my leg hurts. (Of course it does, your sister just spent 2 days in hospital, again. I would expect you to lobby for attention.)

I’ve been using these new oils to show my love and give him that mommy attention. Just me and him. Rubbed allergy combo on his feet and neck, targeted several bug bites with a new combo I made for the trip, read The Greedy Snake and said good night.

Hubby and I take turns watching Reese sleep. It’s still too soon to relax. I was so done for the night at 10. Got Reese in bed with some Franc and Lavender diffusing. And I believe I was drifting off sprawled on the edge of the bed (fully clothed, on top of the covers) while B took a shower.

Oh but wait there’s a child in pain screaming in his sleep and I have to snap to. Poor little man either had growing pains or a charlie horse but it was bad. Never seen him so crazed and obsessed with a pain. I tagged Bryan to head back into Reese’s watching party, while Nonny went for a banana and water and I grabbed my sample dose of a muscle pain reliever oil. Rubbed all over his legs as he writhed around and about 20 min later he was asleep again.

Phew! Crisis averted. Aside from his pain I was also afraid he would wake Reese and then we would never sleep. Ah yes sleep. Um, not going to sleep now with adrenaline pumping through me after all that commotion.

Showered and mentally unwound but I’m still here. Had to share because my unwinding helped me realize how many oils I just used in one evening. All of it helping me keep peace of mind that I can help all my loved ones. I even rubbed lavender on hubs forever skin rash and Reese’s medical tape burns. And a little sleepy time smell for me.

And of course I had a good laugh at the sheer absurdity that I literally just got home from the hospital with one kid and was quickly facing a new pain with the other. Laughing at my life’s disregard for sleep and routine. Laughing because even after a real shampoo I still can tell I washed my hair with body wash in the hospital. And because eating PB and crackers in bed is totally normal for me because I’m always on Reese watch.

But we are not in the hospital so that is the best kind of peace of mind. Sleep tight.

First Zyto Scan

Had a cool test done on poor allergy boy. It picked up on his suffering right away, suggested some probiotics & other essential-oil based supplements. #YLoils #makingachange #healthyliving #zytoscan #biometrics

Lavender in da House!

Yay for my new diffuser giving off a steady stream of Lemon+lavender+peppermint for my allergy-prone little man. #yloils #healthyliving

Travel Fan Oil Diffuser

I am loving my new travel-sized diffuser!!! Don’t have to worry about the car smelling like dirty diapers, old food or stinky boy!!! #yloils #diffusedaily #purification #healthyliving #mommytips