Human anatomy lessons for D

Some big concepts this week for Davis. First, he saw me pumping. I really had been trying to save him for witnessing this. Yes, his eyes got very big. (warning: a little PG here) He wasn’t so much interested in why or how my breast was being stretched by the machine as much as how the machine worked. The engineer in him wanted to know all about the yellow box making the noises. And then he was over it.

Second, he was helping Daddy change Reese’s diaper and asks, What’s that?, meaning why doesn’t she have a p&*%s. (dont want to be marked as a spam site) So we simply explained boys and girls have different parts and i used the real part names. And he nods his head and then says something about his arm and if it got hurt. No idea where it came from, but glad to see he didn’t dwell on the body parts.