Five and Most Definitely Alive!

Crazy little man has been telling the world for months he is almost FIVE. And yet, it’s just now sinking in for me that it’s only ONE day away. My sweet baby, your turning five is quite a celebration for all of us. Because we most definitely celebrate you changing our lives. Your laughter keepsContinue reading “Five and Most Definitely Alive!”

A Mother’s Fight

My arms crush you with Zeus’s strength, and yet it’s but a fleeting touch. Swirling hurricane winds would fail to rip me away. Unearthly is this force pulling me to you. Trembling lips wrap you with iron love, attempting to protect as much. No fearsome beast could stand to meet my burning eyes. How weakContinue reading “A Mother’s Fight”

Day 3 of Vacation, Summer 2012

We made it to the beach today! Everyone had a blast. D loves being with his older cousin, Makayla. They dug for sand crabs, dug a big sand castle up with Poppy, and Davis boogie boarded with Bryan’s help. Reese got her toes in the sand and seemed to enjoy the velvety soft feeling— myContinue reading “Day 3 of Vacation, Summer 2012”

Parenting. It’s Definitely Not Fair

I realized today no matter what I do I cannot give Reese the same first year Davis had. There has been a new term in our house — fair. “You’re not being fair,” he whines. And it’s so much more true than he realizes. We can’t sit on the floor all night and play withContinue reading “Parenting. It’s Definitely Not Fair”