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Poem: A Portrait in a Prison

It’s in the time-stands-still moments I know you best.
A silken caress, a deep sigh of depression.
Mesmerizing eyes, faintly there.
A portrait in a prison.

It’s in the crush-my-heart moments I know you best.
A stinging grasp, a tormented cry of rage.
Piercing eyes desperately stare.
A dove in a cage.

It’s in the cotton candy moments I know you best.
The melting lips, a joyous gurgle of wonderland.
Sparkling eyes, reaching deeply.
A precious pearl in my hand.

It’s in these moments I’ve come to need you more, I believe.
I push away, I cringe.
I squeeze, I nurture, I breath.

Never would I be a million free birds,
But just one caged with you.
Nor do I dare loose my hands,
For a precious pearl awaits the blue.

Flying, falling, sinking, soaring,
We are yet to find the place to be free.
Cages and prisons and hands be damned.
Holding on I am, tightly for eternity.


Sweet, sweet brother

Davis: When I go to kindergarten is Reese going to Goddard?
Me: Why do you want Reese to go to school?
Davis: Because I want her to meet new friends.

Can’t make it up… He is always going to be looking out for her. And you can bet my eyes welled up.

My sweet boy

I was singing to Reese in her room tonight as part of our bedtime routine. I haven’t sang to Davis in a long time. But when he was little he loved it.

So tonight when he came in to say goodnight to Reese and he asked why I was singing, I was surprised when he asked if I would sing to him, too. It was in a sweet, soft almost sentimental voice that I rarely hear come from those strong lungs.

I put Reese in her crib and cuddled him and rocked while I sang. He actually let me hold him and I was reminded for a second of what this baby boy used to be like.

It’s been hard to enjoy him growing up this year so focused on Reese. And it’s all the more reason I will never regret a second I spent with him when he was a baby. Dishes and laundry be damned. We may never catch up from the hole we are in, but I loved holding my little guy tonight in a way I had forgotten I could cherish.

Two kids create such challenging dynamics, but I think it’s the differences in how I love them that makes the experience even sweeter.

My almost perfect photo, no thanks to my son with his black eye and new desire to insert silly faces into photos at the worst times. (Taken with Instagram)

Beautiful smile! I love how her eyes sparkle for her daddy. Note the amount of pink in this outfit, for those keeping score. But it is still proportional to the blue 🙂 (Taken with Instagram)