Reflections on the playground via IFTTT Preschool playground. All I can think about is germs. I had to come add more musings to this one. It’s been a rough few weeks, and not because of any health issues. At least not directly. It’s more the emotional toll all the constant change has taken on us as a family.Continue reading “Reflections on the playground”

Poem: A Portrait in a Prison

It’s in the time-stands-still moments I know you best. A silken caress, a deep sigh of depression. Mesmerizing eyes, faintly there. A portrait in a prison. It’s in the crush-my-heart moments I know you best. A stinging grasp, a tormented cry of rage. Piercing eyes desperately stare. A dove in a cage. It’s in theContinue reading “Poem: A Portrait in a Prison”

My Unhealthy Photo Obsession, My Messy Beautiful

I confess snapping photos has become an unhealthy obsession. Yes, I’m the typical mom who loves to share photos of her kids, but there’s a catch. My messy, beautiful life has me seeing every moment as a memory I don’t want to miss recording. For the past year, I’ve worried every smile, every silly thing, every stepContinue reading “My Unhealthy Photo Obsession, My Messy Beautiful”

Warrior’s Tale

We all start pure, simply loving being loved. Pummeled with life’s reality we are shocked, afraid to give up our name. The cloak of innocence shreds with every whipping wind and painful flame. Icy blindfolds, iron chest plates — If only we did not discover our true fate? Life, a fiery goblet, pours down our throats SweetContinue reading “Warrior’s Tale”

Never got this posted yesterday. Luckily we still have today #purpleday. Reese just had her dressings changed for the first time and they said she did surprisingly well. Better than some teenagers. To me she looks miserable. They don’t know that she isn’t a crier. They don’t realize that all of this stuff touching herContinue reading


It’s all in the lines. Skips, jumps, hills and mountains. Nothing. Everything. Waves, even and steady. Your breathing, not your brain. And my heart it falls. My lungs lose air. Frozen. Terrified. Ready. Ready??? There is no such thing. I fail you. I’m not strong enough. Crashing, reeling. My emotions, not the waves, not you.Continue reading “Ready”

A kiss to build a dream on

First, I want to make sure anyone who is following our story and/or is new to epilepsy knows something. Millions of people live with this disease. Most likely Reese isn’t the first person you’ve come across. You just didn’t know it. Thousands and thousands of people live with this disease and find ways to manageContinue reading “A kiss to build a dream on”