Learning how to measure  time 

We live in a world of dates, deadlines and milestones. I catch myself measuring each special moment and holiday in reference to “last year” or the “last time.” The good news is we are beyond grateful for having the chance to say these words. We loved those moments like they might really be our last.Continue reading “Learning how to measure  time “

No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

Yes, we had some milk spillage tonight, and no, that is not a yoga pose or a new form of child punishment. I mean come on folks, ain’t no thang in this house — especially on a night like this. I was so calm when I heard the telling “oops” from behind me. But honestly,Continue reading “No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk”

Six Years Ago

Feeling sentimental because six years ago (back in June), we held this roly-poly tomato-red little guy in our arms and didn’t know what to call him. This grumpy, pensive little porker with a big appetite. Fast forward six years, and other than that appetite you’ve changed so very much! This week alone you have demonstratedContinue reading “Six Years Ago”

Under Control: A Reese Update

Control is not something I feel I have much of these days. It takes so much for us to just maintain a normal routine, and that’s mostly out of our hands, too. It depends on who is sleeping well and who is hungry and if I don’t get away when Reese is sleeping, then howContinue reading “Under Control: A Reese Update”

It’s Time for the Dreaded Update

The overdue update is here. I realized everyone is wanting to know details of what happened and what’s going on, and the real question of — what does this mean now? So you can imagine that is why I think I’ve been avoiding this post. Without being boring, here’s a brief overview. After four days onContinue reading “It’s Time for the Dreaded Update”

Peace of Mind Tonight

Needed a little peace of mind tonight. I started going to bed 3 hours ago, but I have to share from even a little earlier. Davis was of course thirsting for our attention and we started up with a bedtime book when Reese just wasn’t having it. Reese is still coming off high dose steroidsContinue reading “Peace of Mind Tonight”

Fourth of July is Supposed to be Fun

So excited to be on this trip. To get to be out of our house. To let Davis run wild and allow Reese to explore new things. To be spoiled by my parents who are thrilled at sharing all they love with us. To do it up on the Fourth like we did when weContinue reading “Fourth of July is Supposed to be Fun”

What parents should know for a children’s hospital stay — Part 1: What to pack

While our little warrior is healing so nicely at home, I’ve been feeling the need to give back. I need to pay it forward in any way I can. One thing I know pretty well now is hospital stays. I hope most of you never have to take advantage of this list, but there areContinue reading “What parents should know for a children’s hospital stay — Part 1: What to pack”