Six Years Ago

Feeling sentimental because six years ago (back in June), we held this roly-poly tomato-red little guy in our arms and didn’t know what to call him. This grumpy, pensive little porker with a big appetite. Fast forward six years, and other than that appetite you’ve changed so very much!

Davis the Thinker


This week alone you have demonstrated how mature you are and how much you can appreciate your role as big brother. But this post is all about you and not the rest of us.You’ve been dealt a rough hand as a big brother. No one can understand what it feels like to have to be so selfless and always put your sister first. Not one of your friends is having to sacrifice quality time with their parents to let their sister go be healed, like you have. And you’ve handled it all beautifully. We are so proud of you and all your strength and love.


You’re showing the beginnings of a witty, charismatic personality that is really, really hard to ever be mad at. Trust me, I know. You cut tension with a good giggle and all anger melts away. You’re amazing that way. I am not a morning person, but your smile and your energy get me going. I hope you know just what your love has meant to us this year.


What a year, too! We started kindergarten a little unsure if this was the right move for you barely being five. You made yourself known at school, that’s for sure. And in no time, it seemed, you were loved by all and loving what you learned. Cannot tell you how it felt as your mom to walk into school with you this spring and have all the office ladies smile and know you by name, and just like a small-town mayor, you walked the halls greeting kids by name, including giving a confident wave to your principal, and addressing him by name.

You’ve grown so much this year, it was unexpected in ways, and in others a necessity. We handled your enthusiasm with a little more structure and a lot of love, and your wonderful teacher gave you the perfect environment for learning. Your reading and writing and creativity all shine through in your work. Your imagination puts a smile on our faces, and every once in a while you pull us into your world and help keep our brains fresh trying to think like a child, again. A caring, fun-loving, natural leader of a child.

You pick me up my little man. And I have needed it this year. Reese is in all our hearts and is what I fight for every day, but you my dear, you are the light of this family. You are leading the way, keeping us moving forward. Like the lighthouses you love to read about, you provide us safe passage through the darkest of times. There really are no words to express how much we love you, but every year, I will sure try.

Happy birthday, sweet boy.

(Should have been posted in late June, oh well.)