A Successful Day in our Special Needs World

Wow. Feels so good and yet it’s so simple. When we started speech therapy a month ago we discussed her left brain limitations and the therapist suggested we start with right brain communication. Makes sense to me!

So that means musical/sounds verses words and reading. She also is somewhat limited by her fine motor skills so signing hasn’t gone very far yet. Enter pictures! We use cards at therapy to see what we are talking about and associate the sound with the object. Cow says moo kind of thing.

So we made a book of pictures of things from around the house. We’ve had some success with milk and puppy (her blanket).


Then, we hit a new level today! Another very wise therapist suggested putting all the pics on the fridge. Get them out of the book and out where Reese can access them, she said. Seems simple enough.

So we grabbed some self-laminating sheets, a roll of magnet tape (funny story here) and Ms. Louyse and I made our new fridge magnets. I have to say little miss jumped right in when she saw her favorite things on the fridge. She grabbed Louyse’s picture right away and carried it over to her. For whatever reason the rest of the night has been one of the most vocal we’ve had in months, maybe a year! She keeps going to check out the pictures. It seems to have stimulated her connecting the dots for sure.

So simple. So exciting!

Oh, and she tried raspberries tonight and loved them. Considering we don’t like the texture of strawberries or most moist fruits this is a big win!!!


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