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A Silly Birthday eCard

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There is no acknowledging my mother’s bday, and definitely no pictures, so this is all I can do to mark the celebration of her wonderful existence. 🙂 Oh and it doubles as her e-card. #formymom #happybirthday

Six Years Ago

Feeling sentimental because six years ago (back in June), we held this roly-poly tomato-red little guy in our arms and didn’t know what to call him. This grumpy, pensive little porker with a big appetite. Fast forward six years, and other than that appetite you’ve changed so very much!

Davis the Thinker


This week alone you have demonstrated how mature you are and how much you can appreciate your role as big brother. But this post is all about you and not the rest of us. Continue reading Six Years Ago

A huge thanks goes to Aunt Megan and Nonny for putting together a special celebration for our almost birthday girl. The birthday month has started perfectly! The clouds dried up for a bit and we got to play outside. The photo-ready ensemble came together just right thanks to Auntie Meg’s adorable bib. After lots of pics of our photogenic angel, we got ready for the big cake moment. I wanted a photo with her and the one candle before she smashed it, but she was too quick. We weren’t fast enough for speedy here, she snagged that number one before we had a camera ready and immediately we had icing everywhere. Many great moments captured though. Enjoy!

What do you get the 4-year-old who has everything? A hande-me-down iPhone 3S with no service, loaded with games and songs. Proud to say he was very surprised!

Then he says, “I really like this mommy. Now I can talk to my friends and my cousins….”

Ruh-roh. So I tell him the phone part is broken. He’s still thrilled. And I get my phone back 🙂