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Learning how to measure  time 

We live in a world of dates, deadlines and milestones. I catch myself measuring each special moment and holiday in reference to “last year” or the “last time.” The good news is we are beyond grateful for having the chance to say these words. We loved those moments like they might really be our last. But I want to push myself beyond the milestones and monthly markers and yet I find it’s much harder than I thought.

I can’t decide why and I’m not sure there is one single answer. Maybe it’s partly because we were trapped in a time warp for two years and it feels unnatural to actually move forward. But it’s also maybe because we got stuck in a safe place and staying in that rut is easier than starting fresh, even when the rut includes the scary memories always haunting us like silent ghosts.

As I have reviewed this weekend’s photos I am reminded of our pumpkin photos last year, how we felt, what we worried about and I wonder if maybe next year it will be too far away to keep up the comparison. But I also don’t want to ever forget, because this fight never stops for our little warrior nor for hundreds of thousands of others.

It’s almost November, our month to share, so I’ve decided it’s not all bad to keep reflecting on the crazy moments. It keeps us vigil and empathetic and these qualities are what I am most thankful for learning through our journey. It’s about the baby steps we keep taking and making sure we keep an open mind for the change we face.

We celebrate where we are and we want to make sure we spread the awareness so there will be many other stories like ours.

Instagram is My Art Museum

I’ve enjoyed a few art museums in my day. Been to 3 of the most famous in the world actually – Louvre, Madrid’s el Prado and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. And I could probably add another 50 little ones to that when you count every church and every historic place I’ve entered in my travels. But I admit, I am not a huge art lover. I can appreciate someone’s effort, maybe even their intent if someone can explain it to me. I love a good backstory. I don’t do well with the whole interpretation thing though.

That’s why Instagram is so perfect for me. Most people caption their art in some way so I get context. With the context and the work of art together I get a story. Continue reading Instagram is My Art Museum

Happy Father’s Day 2013

This guy – their court jester and personal entertainer, their protector and their teacher. And that is just scratching the surface…

For the wonderful father of my children…

When I am in the darkest place, you find a way to lead me through. No fear or cry have I ever had to face alone.

When doubt and pain sets in, your touch moves me on. Somehow with each low, it’s you who helps me fight a face of stone.

We chuckle when we should be crumbling.

We giggle when everything is tumbling.

Yours is the love that makes it all ok And I know we will smile together all our days.

Love you!