A guilty kind of thankful 

I have been stewing on this feeling for more than a week now. There is a huge guilt overshadowing this entire two weeks of spirited festivities. I haven’t been in the spirit really at all. Yes, we’re exhausted, and yes, we don’t see an end in sight so I think that Ground Hog Day feelingContinue reading “A guilty kind of thankful “

No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

Yes, we had some milk spillage tonight, and no, that is not a yoga pose or a new form of child punishment. I mean come on folks, ain’t no thang in this house — especially on a night like this. I was so calm when I heard the telling “oops” from behind me. But honestly,Continue reading “No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk”

Doing Epilepsy Month in style

We think about epilepsy every day. And yet, it’s good to still have a month to think about it, as a message, rather than as a disease, life-threatening illness, never-ending challenge, burden….. I could keep going.  Here we are 16 months into our journey, and I am trying to be committed to doing more forContinue reading “Doing Epilepsy Month in style”