A guilty kind of thankful 

I have been stewing on this feeling for more than a week now. There is a huge guilt overshadowing this entire two weeks of spirited festivities. I haven’t been in the spirit really at all. Yes, we’re exhausted, and yes, we don’t see an end in sight so I think that Ground Hog Day feelingContinue reading “A guilty kind of thankful “

When all else fails, this guy makes them laugh. Their eyes sparkle with anticipation when they see him coming wearing the impish “I’m gonna get you” face. And they BOTH just LOVE the tickles!!!! But he’s also there when they cry and he loves holding them when they fall asleep. I personally love when heContinue reading

It’s ok to be jealous. Grandma’s Easter bunny cake. Complete with dyed coconut for grass. Eat that! And in true Davis form, his last words tonight before sleep, “I was pretty spoiled today. And then Grandma REALLY spoiled me!” Yes she did, and don’t you forget it!

Funny story. When D woke up he went to the bathroom all groggy, and started to wipe away the stuff on the mirror so he could see… Of course we had to “notice” the picture to get him to realize what it was. “What are you doing? What is that?!” asks Daddy. “It’s a snowmanContinue reading