Funny story. When D woke up he went to the bathroom all groggy, and started to wipe away the stuff on the mirror so he could see… Of course we had to “notice” the picture to get him to realize what it was.

“What are you doing? What is that?!” asks Daddy.

“It’s a snowman and I can’t see.” Says D.

“Well where did it come from?” asks Daddy.

“I don’t know!” Says a flustered Davis.

So after a few minutes of thinking about it and realizing he almost erased a snowman, he says “Chippy!”

Then he whips his head all around our tiny bathroom with no real hiding places. Then he slowly opens the medicine cabinet and sure enough, there was Chippy. Just shows this kid takes a while for his engines to be on all cylinders, just like his mama in the morning!