When all else fails, this guy makes them laugh. Their eyes sparkle with anticipation when they see him coming wearing the impish “I’m gonna get you” face. And they BOTH just LOVE the tickles!!!!

But he’s also there when they cry and he loves holding them when they fall asleep. I personally love when he spots a teaching moment and captivates their attention effortlessly. He takes such good care of us all and never complains. He definitely does his share (and then some), whether it’s the countless trips to get dinner when mommy fails to plan ahead, or the early mornings when this night owl isn’t ready to get up.

For six years (almost to the day), this guy has blown me away with his love for his children. He will be the first to admit he had no idea what they would do to him and I had no idea just how amazing he would be. So glad my grandma was right about this one. 😉

This guy deserves so much for this Father’s Day, but I know he has all he really cares about right here in this photo, and I love him even more for that.