6 Reminders for Families Learning to Live with Epilepsy

As part of our commitment to sharing about epilepsy every November, we are making a video this year. There was too much info to fit and this is something I thought might be a good blog list. Our list of reminders for families first getting accustomed to fighting this battle. 1.  Face the monsters. Don’t be afraidContinue reading “6 Reminders for Families Learning to Live with Epilepsy”

Our Definition of O.K.

Reese has had a great day — therapy and music class went well. (Video posted separately.) She made eye contact, and I think, even tried to imitate a friend when we were dancing. That stimulation comes home with her and she is a happy girl. She is someone who wants to make eye contact withContinue reading “Our Definition of O.K.”

Something new to worry about

Our planned surgery is next Tuesday. Thought it would never get here. As I can’t say it enough, again, thank you to everyone who has helped us big and small. It’s been a wonderful month overall.  We’ve been able to spend so much quality time together as a family and even when Reese has hadContinue reading “Something new to worry about”

She’s On the Move

And now for the real fun! As she gets her walking legs more and more, she has started to outsmart us and it’s such a thrill to see her figure things out. Our gates don’t hold, she is always out the door before we remember to shut it, and no cabinet is safe. We findContinue reading “She’s On the Move”