Sweet, sweet brother

Davis: When I go to kindergarten is Reese going to Goddard? Me: Why do you want Reese to go to school? Davis: Because I want her to meet new friends. Can’t make it up… He is always going to be looking out for her. And you can bet my eyes welled up.

Happy Father’s Day 2013 This guy – their court jester and personal entertainer, their protector and their teacher. And that is just scratching the surface… For the wonderful father of my children… When I am in the darkest place, you find a way to lead me through. No fear or cry have I ever hadContinue reading

Super fun weekend now that it’s warm. We ended Sunday with a little Babyzilla busting out of the prison gates and into Lego Town, successfully destroying the Volunteer Fire Station. R and I worked on our Van Gogh-inspired finger painting. We spent the morning at the park where D showed R how to hang likeContinue reading