Warrior’s Tale

We all start pure, simply loving being loved. Pummeled with life’s reality we are shocked, afraid to give up our name. The cloak of innocence shreds with every whipping wind and painful flame. Icy blindfolds, iron chest plates — If only we did not discover our true fate? Life, a fiery goblet, pours down our throats SweetContinue reading “Warrior’s Tale”


It’s all in the lines. Skips, jumps, hills and mountains. Nothing. Everything. Waves, even and steady. Your breathing, not your brain. And my heart it falls. My lungs lose air. Frozen. Terrified. Ready. Ready??? There is no such thing. I fail you. I’m not strong enough. Crashing, reeling. My emotions, not the waves, not you.Continue reading “Ready”

Sunshine and Pancakes Please

Question is, is it really about my child or me? Sunshine and Pancakes No chance I will get up! No smiles, no hugs, No warm snuggle time for you — harrumph! ——— You can’t expect me! Only moans and groans. Pillows and blankets I choose, you see… ———- Clouds and toast won’t appease The monsterContinue reading “Sunshine and Pancakes Please”