My sweet boy

I was singing to Reese in her room tonight as part of our bedtime routine. I haven’t sang to Davis in a long time. But when he was little he loved it.

So tonight when he came in to say goodnight to Reese and he asked why I was singing, I was surprised when he asked if I would sing to him, too. It was in a sweet, soft almost sentimental voice that I rarely hear come from those strong lungs.

I put Reese in her crib and cuddled him and rocked while I sang. He actually let me hold him and I was reminded for a second of what this baby boy used to be like.

It’s been hard to enjoy him growing up this year so focused on Reese. And it’s all the more reason I will never regret a second I spent with him when he was a baby. Dishes and laundry be damned. We may never catch up from the hole we are in, but I loved holding my little guy tonight in a way I had forgotten I could cherish.

Two kids create such challenging dynamics, but I think it’s the differences in how I love them that makes the experience even sweeter.