Five and Most Definitely Alive!

Crazy little man has been telling the world for months he is almost FIVE. And yet, it’s just now sinking in for me that it’s only ONE day away.

My sweet baby, your turning five is quite a celebration for all of us. Because we most definitely celebrate you changing our lives. Your laughter keeps us all going. I just recently realized how your happy soul is the heart of this family and the energy that feeds us, keeps us moving, really. We can’t call this past year average, but we’ve still tried as hard as possible to not miss you being four.

From our big adventure at the beach last summer and Legoland to your solemn visit to come see your sister at the hospital, we’ve officially done it all. You have repeatedly made us proud with your manners and all your good days with your grandparents and friends. The equal enthusiasm you have for dinosaurs, dragons, superheros and legos is laughably exhausting. Your stories and one-liners are priceless, and definitely worth reading again and again.

You are a lover, and so wonderful with your sister. Just about everything makes you laugh. Your sense of humor is real, even potentially beyond your years already. And oh so infectious. I love your smile and your giggle. I live for it. So thank you, my goofball, for all the laughs. It is truly the jump I need on a daily basis and the grounding force to remind me why I’m here on this Earth.

But I want you to know, your mommy is so torn about you growing up. I knew I would want to hold on to your soft little hands and keep you playing ring around the rosy and thinking I’m the best singer in the world. To keep you from so many other people’s crazy ideas, and maybe even you starting your crushes on teachers, and (gasp) girls. Admittedly, your turning five, is a bridge for me — I get to be a school mom like all my friends, I can expect you to be tired when you get home, and hopefully a little brain drained… because let’s face it, your brain is going too fast, for all of us. Almost five has been hard on you. I can see you’re torn about being a big boy and making decisions for yourself, but still wanting our attention the way we ooo and ahhh over Reese when she does every little thing. Thank goodness I have the old blog to prove to you we spent every second of our days doing the same for you four short years ago.(Let’s reminisce). It’s this contrast of you my little man and loving all parts of you that is emotional for me. Both the mini-me of his Daddy, with his chivalry and empathy AND the long-gone toddler who wanted boo boo kisses from Mommy who now just wants to be left alone until he’s hungry.

Five! Even the way you announce your age, with such matter-of-fact is heart-warming and endearing. You never meet a stranger. And sometimes when you talk to an adult, like an adult, I see them unsettled because they don’t know what to expect out of your very quick little mouth. It’s you who will be building bridges and leading others. I just hope you can slow down and enjoy five. I look forward to every new joke and tickle fight this year brings. You are full of life in a way that tells the world you’re most definitely five and oh so alive.