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Spring may be almost over but we are just now getting into the cutest outfits 🙂 I don’t know how I feel about the balloon pants on grown ups, but it’s adorable on babies. Happy Mother’s Day to me.

Saw our second movie at theater today. But felt like the first since Davis didn’t seem to remember last year when we saw Cars 2. Talk about a different experience. We made it through the whole movie without a potty break… Granted it’s only 1 hour 20 minutes. He was really into the story and of course the “bad” chimp leader had to be named Scar. That made his day.

He seemed to understand the friendship between the baby chimp and the older male was special. But I will say he did not get it entirely. It’s great that a real film about nature can be just as captivating as the CGI action stuff we are used to.

Considering how rare it was for him to consume that amount of pop corn and candy, he did quite well. And fell asleep in the car. A win for us all. 🙂

He DOES listen!

As I sometimes do, I am documenting more of Davis’s growing verbal abilities for posterity (and the grandparents).

This weekend he correctly used a phrase and it donned on us that besides this exploding vocabulary, it means he is so empathetic to others, even the animals. “Mom, I’m going outside to keep the cats company.” we started letting the cats in the back yard and sometimes they get scared.

He also told us he was frustrated when we were reviewing a prior outburst. We have been trying to point out the difference between getting angry and being frustrated. He gets it! Such a great feeling as a parent to know we ARE getting through.