Laundry service please

Well, we went through 4 outfits today…. And that was for Davis.

We started in a soccer jersey so I guess it doesn’t count that we changed into “work” clothes after that. But unfortunately, part of the outdoor work ensemble includes gloves that are too big, so of course we get creative, too and I taped them at the wrist. Downside was when he came running in to use the bathroom but couldn’t get his underwear off because of the darn gloves. Accident number 1.

Accident number 2 was shortly thereafter because he is forgetting to poop in the potty. We kind of suspect this is the regression everyone talks about with arrival of a baby.

And then at the end of this day, I am on my own with both kids, and so of course I ask a lot of Davis to take care of himself when my hands are full. He gets his own cup of water now from the fridge. We have cups out where he can help himself. It’s such a great achievement for him.

So, In this fourth accident he spilled his whole cup of water on the couch and the counter. But it was just water no big deal. Except that somebody didn’t like being wet, so the pants had to come off for yes, the fourth wardrobe change in one day.


And we think newborns are hard. 🙂