B explains his job and other random dinner dialog

That brain is growing too fast for its own good, and ours!

Tonight at dinner D asked B what he does at work with a sincere interest in almost a grave tone. Poor Bryan looked like his father-in-law was grilling him.

The dialog was straight forward and simple and he lost interest after learning the only tool Daddy uses at work is a computer. But he did give it a few minutes of real thought.

Same night, same dinner he breaks out the, “Daddy, you’re the smartest man ever.” To which I of course confer. Seems he just needed to know computers were involved at work and then could determine his dad’s intelligence.

And then, randomly different topic, but same dinner, he is pretending to have his own conversation while the grown ups talk about R and then we hear…. “on Facebook.” The silence made him sheepishly grin like he knew something he shouldn’t. But he couldn’t tell us what it is or who told him about it. So who knows, we may be guilty. But it was a bit of shock considering he hardly listens to anything we say.