Crummy week. What good is being right. Therapy.

Writing it makes it real… Don’t know whether it’s healthy therapy or teetering on depression though.

R is on her fifth seizure in 54 hours. The old pattern is back. One at night, one in the morning. Give her all day to recover, seems better, and then BAM! One right before bed. And so on. She has to have a virus. I am finally believing my mommy intuition knows best. Crappy part is there is nothing we can do to speed up the virus. So what good is being right.

Trying to make her comfortable, sleep lots, but most importantly she needs to eat! Or we will be back in hospital again…

First physical therapy session was today. Seems promising considering how simple the changes and activities are. If you or anyone you know is in OT or PT for babies, hug them. What an amazing skill they have to help a baby achieve milestones to learn and grow and stay on track!

Despite this week’s crummy start, knowing we have her regularly working with therapists who know what to look for has me feeling sooo much better.